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Once again we happened upon a gay pride weekend in another city at a different time of year from our own here in Seattle. But, thinking about it, it’s pretty darn hot in Palm Springs at the end of June. Not a great time to get out and march in the streets. And since I never go to the march in Seattle anymore, it’s great I get to experience it elsewhere!

Right before leaving for this trip I bought myself a new iPhone 8s Plus. I had a 6s, but decided to go for the new phone for the camera and larger screen since my eyes aren’t what they once were. During the pride march, I was using the Lightroom CC app on the phone. More about that later. The reason I wanted to try it out is because it takes RAW photos.

So here I am with my new iphone camera using the Lightroom CC app. I have the app set to save RAW “dng” files. And here’s what happened next. After spending a little over an hour taking almost 200 pictures, I went back to the Marriott Triada and opened up my laptop to upload the photos. I learned there is no way for me to just upload the pictures like usual.

So, on my crappy hotel wifi connection and unknowingly using cell juice to do these syncs, I soon got a message from Verizon telling me that I was pretty low on data, but thankfully I only had 3 days left for the month. As soon as I saw that I turned cellular off on the Lightroom CC app. Another problem became clear soon after.

I was out of space in the Adobe cloud. As a monthly Photography Plan subscriber, I get 20GB of Creative Cloud space. So I went over that pretty easily. The only way to regain my space in the cloud, I finally discovered after some trial and error, was to 1) move all of the synced photos from the Adobe created folder to my own folder elsewhere in Lightroom on my laptop, 2) move the photos to the new folder, or just choose them all before creating the folder, 3) then delete all of the synced photos in Lightroom in the Adobe created folder, which took them off of my iPhone as well, and 4) eventually realized that I needed to remove the Lightroom app from my phone and then put it back on in order to clear the Creative Cloud cache (I guess).

I did that about 3 more times before I decided to stop using the Lightroom CC app altogether. I noticed that my raw photos were pretty darned noisy. And that even if when I zoomed in on something, I still got the entire frame around the zoom. So there was no benefit in zooming in. If there is one, please tell me what it is.

Then I fooled around with a couple of other apps. First, the Lightroom CC app had no way to do timed exposures, so no real night photography. And with the noise found in photos taken during the day; the night photos were unusable. First I tried out the Slow Shutter app where I can save as JPG, PNG or TIFF, no RAW unfortunately. Verdict is still out on it, I have to spend more time with it. I think it has real possibilities.

Then I used the ProCam app, but again, saved in TIFF and the photos are pretty noisy. I may have to play around with it more, too, but I’m not sure I’m really gaining anything from these apps over the iPhone camera app itself. Every picture I take with that is pretty clear and sharp, so for now I’ll probably live with the JPG. Not time to get rid of my Micro 4/3rd yet.