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Everyone deserves some time off now and again. Taking a trip to the beach in any season can provide a boost to your mood, especially if it’s been really cold and dreary where you live. However, a beach vacation might seem impossible when you’re in addiction recovery. There are just too many ways for such a trip to go wrong.

Even though you’re now sober, you still deserve a trip just as much as anyone. Read on to discover some ways you can avoid temptation and have a great time on your beach vacation.

Avoiding Temptation

In order to have a relaxing time at the beach and hotel, you need to avoid temptation. This trip won’t be worth it if you relapse. Thankfully, recovery.org has a list of tools to “support sobriety while traveling, such as:

  • Stay connected when traveling. The typical advice for vacations is to unplug, but as someone in addiction recovery, you need to keep connections active. If you have a problem, you need people to speak with.
  • Research your destination to see if there are any support groups nearby. You know how valuable the right meeting or group can be.
  • Be careful about getting too tired, hungry, or stressed. Your old demons are stronger when you’re not feeling well.

As Advanced Health & Education explains, you also want to make sure you are traveling with supportive people. It’s similar to how you needed to remove toxic people in your life in order to get sober. If you travel with people whose life revolves around alcohol, you are going to face a lot of temptation. Instead, talk to the people you want to join you about your recovery and how they can support it. If they cannot agree to this, they should stay home.

What To Do At The Beach

As you think about who to invite, you will start to wonder about what activities to do while at the beach. Of course, there’s swimming, sunbathing, or just taking a walk along the water. Because you’re in addiction recovery, you also have to be smart about what else to do.

12keysrehab.com has a great page explaining how to travel sober, such as:

  • Make a list of possible activities at your destination. Go online and look for restaurants, museums, or festivals during your trip and see if they would trigger your addiction.
  • Look for new experiences to try, such as sports you never played. New things to do are exciting and help you feel good about yourself.
  • Be flexible. By all means, make a plan or itinerar before going. But be prepared to change things up instead of getting upset that a plan didn’t go smoothly.

Speaking of being prepared, Psychology Today recommends that you get yourself mentally ready for triggers and adversity. Getting lost is a prime example. It can stress you out, which makes it more likely you’ll relapse.

Picking The Right Destination

But what beach is best for a sober vacation? The key here is to pick a destination that’s not too popular. Large crowds at the beach tend to focus on alcohol, but just the crowds can stress you out. Three locations that are great for sober vacations include:

  • Alabama Beaches
  • Panama City Beach, FL
  • Destin, FL

All three balance quiet times with plenty of activities.

Go Enjoy Your Beach Trip

The right vacation can help you stay sober — if you’re careful about it. Take steps to avoid temptation, find the right activities, and pick a beach that’s not overly popular. After all, you deserve a nice beach vacation as much as anyone.