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A generic version of Malarone became available last week. My pharmacist says it can be somewhat difficult to get right now. 

I filled my prescription for Malarone on Monday and paid the name brand drug copay, $40, Cheryl filled her the next day and paid the generic copay, $10. 

If you are going to be getting Malarone for an upcoming trip, you might let your pharmacist know that you are willing to wait a few days for the generic if they don’t have it in stock.

Malarone is the newest of the antimalarial medications. It has the advantage of having the fewest reported side effects as well as the shortest period of time you have to take it to provide protection. You start taking it one day prior to entering the malarial risk area and continue it for seven days after leaving the risk area. It is currently effective against all strains of malaria and in all malarial risk regions.