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We’ve been in Burma for two weeks. While we’ve had some excellent local food in Mandalay and Mrauk U, after two weeks there are some things we yearn for: a fine wine, the perfect baguette, rich dark chocolate. So here we are in Yangon. A good friend from Bangkok recommended Le Planteur and a couple we met in Mrauk U from Singapore also sang its praises. While the prices for the prix fix menu are rather dear, US$68 or $78, we decided to have a decadent lunch there. My experience all over the world has been that superb restaurants are often a (relative) bargain at lunch time. We were not disappointed.

In addition to the regular prix fix menus, Le Planteur also offers a vegetarian selection for US$44 and a Business lunch for a mere US$25. We found a wonderful Alsace Riesling, dry and delicate, to complement our seafood meal.

amuse bouche

Amuse Bouche

jumbo prawn appetizer

Jumbo prawns appetizer

Grouper in truffle sauce

Delicious grouper in truffle sauce

We opted for the three course Business lunch. The food was perfectly prepared. In addition to the three courses, there was a group of three appetizers served as we perused the menu, then an amuse bouche, followed by our three chosen courses.

The third course is a selection from the dessert cart, and they encourage you to choose three or four items to sample. The servings are small, just right for a sampler. And after that, the chef brought us Swiss chocolates… the perfect end to a wonderful meal.



Swiss chocolates

Swiss chocolates

Our compliments to the chef!

Contact information:
Le Planteur Restaurant
No. 22B KayarAye Pagoda Road, Yangon
Telephone: 541 997

If have reservations for dinner, they can pick you up in one of these beautiful antique cars, gratis.

complimentary taxis

Complimentary antique taxis