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For seniors looking forward to traveling during the golden years, group travel options offer a lot of perks. Not only can you save money by traveling in a group, but you also get the opportunity to meet like-minded adults who share your taste for adventure.

When it comes to group travel, seniors have a few options:

  1. Organized group trips:

    Many companies organize group trips where individual travelers can come together for a unique experience. Increasingly, companies like Road Scholar are designing trips specifically for senior citizens. You can find trips for any interest, from adventure travel to history tours and beyond.

  2. Senior travel clubs

    Senior travel clubs take organized trips to the next level. They charge an annual membership fee and in return organize trips for members. These are a great option for seniors who want to travel regularly, who enjoy a specific type of activity, and who want to forge relationships with fellow members.

  3. Motorcoach tours

    Motorcoach tours are a great way to see the country for seniors who don’t care for air travel or long trips in the driver’s seat. Since luxury motorcoach tours offer seats with ample legroom, they’re much more comfortable than airline seating, and most tours plan plenty of stops for passengers to stretch their legs and take in the local sights. With a luxury bus tour company like GlobeTreks.com, seniors can sign up for trips ranging from local to international.

  4. Cruises

    Whether it’s an ocean cruise or a riverboat tour, traveling by water is a relaxing getaway that’s perfect for seniors with limited mobility. Since off-boat excursions are flanked by periods of cruising at sea, elderly adults can rest and mingle between outings. Cruise trips tend to attract an older crowd, so seniors can trust they’ll find plenty of peers on whichever cruise line they choose.

  5. Singles travel groups

    Singles travel groups are designed for those hoping to meet other eligible seniors on vacation. Since trips are usually organized around an activity or interest, such as hiking national parks, touring castles, or discovering regional cuisines, you can get to know people who share your passions.

  6. Women-only travel groups

    Some companies organize trips just for older women, an excellent choice for women who want to travel with a group of friends, make new friends, or who aren’t comfortable traveling alone.

  7. Voluntourism

    Voluntourism is traveling with a purpose. It combines volunteering activities with sightseeing so travelers get the best of both worlds. U.S. News warns that not all projects organized by for-profit voluntourism companies are beneficial, so seniors should consider options carefully. Think about the skills you have to offer and the length of time you’ll need to have an impact; while that might mean a longer trip, it will be more meaningful.

There are a lot of ways to travel with a group, but they all offer the same benefits. One of the best is that you spare yourself the stress of planning a vacation and sticking to an itinerary, so you can enjoy the sights without the worry. However, the travel company only handles things after you depart. Prepare appropriately to ensure your vacation goes smoothly and your home stays safe while you’re away. Don’t forget to:

● Share your travel itinerary with a friend or family member.
● Gather your passport, plane tickets, and other travel documents. (Try this checklist from the U.S. Department of State.)
● Arrange pet sitting services.
● Place a temporarily hold on mail delivery.
● Pay bills in advance or set up auto-pay.
● Ask a house sitter to make your house look lived in.
● Securely lock all doors, windows, and garage doors.

When it comes to group travel versus solo travel, the choice is clear: Traveling with other seniors offers better prices, more exciting itineraries, and a group of friendly faces to share the experience with. If you’re itching for a vacation, try one of these fun options and find the adventure of a lifetime.

Photo by Janis Oppliger on Unsplash.